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Made in collaboration with Portland's premier psych-rock band The Spoon Benders, the Strychnine pedal offers two independent circuits in one!


First is the overdrive circuit: a light to moderate drive with a high-mid/treble forward voicing. It consists of a soft-clipping op-amp stage, a treble-cut control, and a ridiculous amount of output gain to smash your amplifier into heavy breakup if you so choose. The circuit itself is a single drive stage followed by an amplifying output buffer so it plays nicely with other circuits. 


Second is the 'phaser' circuit: a wonky take on the effect... It phases, detunes, and adds the slightest hint of slapback delay, particularly on faster settings. This circuit uses a very common delay chip with sawtooth-wave modulated voltage reference to provide a very interesting sounding phasing effect. It adds warmth and 'oomph' to the signal, generates a very peculiar sway to the sound, and at high-depth/fast oscillator speeds, produces a sci-fi style craziness reminiscent of early 80's synth music. This circuit also features an output buffer for maximum compatibility with anything else on your pedalboard.


Both circuits operate completely independently or both at once, each with a separate color indicator through a multi-color LED.


The artwork is taken directly from the cover of The Spoon Benders latest album How Things Repeat.


It operates with a 9V center-negative power supply.

45mA current draw.

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