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The Broken fuzz is a heavy beast when the 'Fix' control is down, and a very sickly sounding beast when it's rotated up. 


Designed to be used as a typical (albeit very bass-heavy) fuzz, as well as a very unhealthy sounding 'broken circuit' effect, the Broken has the following features:


  • Basic output volume control
  • Tilt control to discriminate against either bass or treble frequencies
  • Mid control to either scoop, flatten, or slightly boost midrange frequencies
  • Gain control which transitions between a more mellow overdrive sound all the way up to a heavy raunch
  • Fix control which acts like a noise gate/bias control between minimum & the 10 o'clock position, and a 'this thing sounds broken' control beyond that. (Broken in a good way... You'll like it)


Circuit contains all the usual Dirty Haggard additions to reduce noise (aggressive DC ripple filter, 2 stage RF filtering at the signal input) however, due to the gating function of the Fix control, there is no actual noise-gate built-in. (Though there is some super secret noise suppression applied..*evil side-eye)


1 Meg input impedance, 10k output impedance, requires 9Volt DC power supply. (no battery compartment inside).

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